Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Adventure in my Life!

Hello Everyone!

After working for 8 months at BigMachines, a company specializing in streamlined sales software, I have decided to leave and seek out a new venture. Earlier this year I looked into and applied to the Chicago Teaching Fellows program. This program is an alternative certification program designed to help qualified individuals become classroom teachers in Chicago Public Schools. About 2,000 people applied and I was one of just 120 that was accepted into this year's cohort.

I am very excited to begin my certification process. My program begins on Monday, June 8th and this summer's sessions for me will run through August 8th. At that point I will have my Provisional/Temporary Certificate, so I can begin teaching this fall. Then, during my first year of teaching I will continue taking classes 1 - 2 nights per week and next August I will have my official full time teaching certificate. It's a great program and a great opportunity for me to pursue a career that I've always been interested in. Wish me luck!