Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Bear Blog Giveaway (from Esther Lee)

Hello Everyone!
I have just come across another blog giveaway. This one is themed for the holidays. You can enter by posting a link to her giveaway on your own blog and submitting a comment on her blog to show that you have done so. Go to to see more pictures of her bear!

Take the time to enter! Today I was notified that I am the lucky winner of Kelly Dauterman's little mouse that I recently posted about. :)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adorable Mouse Blog Giveaway

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to share this blog giveaway with you in the spirit of Halloween. This little mouse is being given away on
Kelly Dauterman's Blondheart blog. If you're interested, enter quickly. The drawing will be on October 25th. Click here for more information.

Good luck!

Friday, October 7, 2011

For Real!

Here is the project that I have been working on... A 'realistic'-style bear. Please let me know what you think about him.

Wallace is a brand new, one of a kind design from Teds 'n Such!

Wallace is a 14" tall realistic-style bear. He is made out of a wonderful, dense tan plush with rusty brown tips/guard hairs. Wallace has German black glass eyes with leather eyelids that have been hand shaded. He also has leather paws and feet with soft-sculpted claws/toes that have been hand shaded. Wallace's nose has been needle felted out of black wool and has been sealed with a clear coat for protection and to give it a shiny, wet look. Wallace has hand-made black polymer clay claws on his paws and feet. Wallace has been stuffed with a combination of polyester fiber and steel shot. He is fully jointed for poseability. Wallace is currently available for $205.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new project

All has been quiet for a while...

...because I am working on a new project. Something that I've never done before, but was inspired to do so by another artist's beautiful work. It's a bear, but more realistic than what I've done before.

I'll share him with you soon!