Saturday, May 4, 2013

Philadelphia - In Review

I usually post before I head off to a show, but I've been so busy lately that I've barely had time to get on the computer and do anything -- and that's saying something because I'm a technology teacher and I'm surrounded by it on a daily basis!

Anyway, I traveled to Philadelphia, PA this weekend for the 3rd Annual Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Show.  This was my second time attending this convention and it was just fantastic!  It is nice to be able to see old friends and connect with people over the weekend.  There were so many educational opportunities through paid workshops on Thursday and free talks/demonstrations on Friday.  We also had the show & sale on Friday night and all day today (Saturday).

On Friday, I gave a presentation.  This was my first time ever presenting to the teddy bear community.  I gave a 45-minute talk and presentation on dyeing mohair and alpaca fabrics.  I discussed the techniques and tools I use for dyeing the fur that I use in my bears and for the furs that I bring to the shows and sell.  Then I gave a live demonstration on how you can use earth palette dyes and paint the dyes directly on the fur.  Here is a shot of me working on the dyeing taken by Cindy McGuire!

I also wanted to share with you a couple shots of my table.  I am happy that several of my teddy bears and an elephant found new homes while we were here!

I just had a great time.  I'm exhausted, but so happy that I was able to come and I can't wait until next year!