Monday, November 17, 2008

Zi Yu Chen

Hello Everyone! I am very excited to introduce to you my newest creation, Zi Yu Chen. Zi Yu Chen is a one of a kind, 19" panda bear made of two lovely, hand-dyed mohairs in violet and orange. The special dyeing process has created an interesting marbled effect on the mohair, displaying several shades of orange and violet. Zi Yu Chen's nose was hand embroidered with three different colors (brown, orange and violet) making a nice striped effect. He has premium German black glass eyes, violet ultrasuede soft-sculpted toes, and he is fully (5-way) jointed with locknut/bolt joints. He is stuffed with a mixture of super soft polyester fibers and steel shot for weight.

(His name translates into Purple and Orange)

Zi Yu Chen is available now for $205 plus shipping and handling.

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