Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love Spring! Introducing Zada the Spring Fairy

Hey Everyone!
I just love Spring. It finally begins to warm up outside and the beautiful flowers begin to bloom. The season inspired me to create a Spring Fairy. Let me introduce to you Zada. Zada is a one of a kind 12" fairy bear made of an off-white curly kid mohair. She has black glass eyes, a hand embroidered nose in purple and green, and wool felt feet with soft sculpted toes. She is stuffed with a silky soft polyester fiber and steel shot for weight. She is fully (5-way) jointed with cotterpin joints. Her wings are hand made out of flowers, greenery and purple and green beadery. Her necklace is hand made out of glass beads. Zada has glitter accents around her eyes, on her nose and on her feet. She is available now. E-mail me for more information:

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