Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Chance To Enter Giveaway!

**This week is your last chance to enter my blog/Facebook giveaway! Follow the directions below to be entered into the drawing. I will be drawing the winners this Saturday, October 30th.**

Become a follower on our blog or join our group on Facebook and immediately be placed in a drawing for one of our latest designs. By joining both you will receive TWO FREE ENTRIES! Earn a bonus entry by advertising our giveaway on your blog. (E-mail us at tyler@tedsnsuch.com with a link to your blog to earn your bonus entry.)

1. Preston is a 10" bear made out of a golden mohair with rusty brown tips. He has black glass eyes with wool felt eyelids and a hand-stitched brown nose. Preston's paws and foot pads have been done in a reverse trapunto style with raised paws and toes. Preston has airbrushing around his paws/feet, around his eyes and his nose. Preston comes with a collar made of wooden beads and rustic bells.

2. The “Squishy” of your choice (in stock). We will send you a picture of all our available “Squishies” and you will get to hand pick your new adopted friend.

3. A 15% off coupon for any online or upcoming show purchase.

If you are interested in joining our e-mail list or traditional mailing list, please e-mail us at tyler@tedsnsuch.com with your name and information.

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