Friday, July 1, 2011

Bears on Parade: Preview Bear Rory

Hello Everyone!
I'm very proud to introduce to you, Rory! Rory is one of the bears that will be available starting two weeks from today for the Teddies Worldwide Bears on Parade online show!

Please follow this link to learn more about the show, see the other preview bears, and vote for your favorite in the collector's choice award! (and please feel free to comment on Rory here on my blog).
Rory is a 7" baby bear practicing to become a drummer in the Teds' n Such marching band. He is made out of a medium brown mohair with brown ultrasuede paws and feet. He has German black glass eyes with ultrasuede eyelids, a black hand-stitched nose of perle cotton, and soft-sculpted fingers and toes. Rory is fully jointed and he comes with a set of drumsticks and a 1960's Ohio Art Co. tin drum decorated with images of bears playing various instruments

Bear Hugs!

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