Friday, August 20, 2010

Something new (but old)!

Hey Everyone,
Time is quickly running out and the new school year will be starting soon. I am teaching at a school in Chicago which is considered to be on 'Regular' track in Chicago. This track has students beginning on the day after Labor Day. So in this short amount of time, I am trying to make some new designs before the craziness of the school year begins.

For quite some time, I have been considering the possibility of designing an antique/traditional style bear. As most of you know, my creations are not traditional. I tend to lean toward whimsical, contemporary and anime designs, but I have finally taken the plunge and designed a new, old style bear! I created a pattern with a slimmer muzzle in the head piece to look more like the teddies of the past, and he has a four piece body, which makes him hefty (and cute, in my opinion).

Here is my new design Franklin:

Franklin is a 12" teddy bear made out of a honey tan swirly and distressed mohair. He has black glass eyes, medium brown wool felt paws and foot pads, and a hand-stitched nose made of black perle cotton. Franklin is fully jointed with disk/cotterpin joints and he is firmly stuffed with polyester fiber and steel shot for weight. Franklin is available now for $110.

Please let me know what you think of this new design. I would love to hear feedback of any kind! :)



Alicia said...

Hi! I found a link to your blog in Bingle Bears Blog. You have beautiful creations here, we have just to follow you ;-)!. I like your last bear Franklin. He has happy a face!
Have anice day,
Alicia and the bears

Teds 'n Such said...

Thanks Alicia! Welcome to my blog! I try to make all of my bears so that they have a smile on their faces :)