Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Brand New Designs!

Hey Everyone,
I've been busy lately with school work. For some reason, I always procrastinate when it comes to grading papers. It's probably because I want to do other things like making bears, but last week I had to sit down and grade, grade, grade to catch up. However, I had a long weekend and I was able to sit down and come up with two totally brand new designs and I would like your feedback!

In my last post I gave a hint to a secret project that I'm working on for my TBAI gallery piece. I have made the teddy bear that will soon become said gallery piece. He is much slimmer than my typical bears and I made his snout thinner as well. Here he is:

I also created a new baby design and this little guy's name is Dalton. He has a fat, four piece body with shortened limbs, a shorter, more round muzzle, and a cute belly button. Here is Dalton:

Please let me know what you think of the new designs! Do you like one more than the other? Is there anything specific that you like/don't like?

Have a great week!


Nicci said...

Very cute bears Tyler and a little different to your usual look. However Your bears are very you and I think I could pick one even if I didn't know the artist. I personally think you should just strive to perfect your bears. Enter competitions to get known.(ie. have them judged so that collectors know your work is up to scratch). details in the making of your bear is sooooo important. The bear market is slow at the moment but won't be forever!!Hugs Sheryl bellsstuff.co.nz

BluMoon said...

Tyler,you have come a long way since you first joined TBML. Your bears are very distinctive and have a certain look unique to you. It is good to work out new designs and I really like your new baby bears my own personal preference is the top one but they are both very sweet and I think either will appeal. Entering competetions can be useful in getting known and working to improve all the time. You are doing great keep up the good work.
I no longer make bears due to injuring my wrist but you may remember me Dragonslair Bears.
Best of luck to you.

Debby said...

Hello Tyler just wanted to say love your bears,and i have two. Billy(Going fishing) and Yun-Qi (Good Luck) I have many photos of you,and the bears,and your mom. Seen you at the Ann Arbor, MI. Teddy Bear Show,and hope to see you soon. Have a wonderful Day. Debby (Bear Woman)

Peng Peng said...

these are both wonderful! the eyelids give them a lot of character. i like bears of all shapes and sizes -variety is the spice of life!

Teds 'n Such said...

Thank you all for your comments!
Sheryl and Jackie, do you have any recommendations for competitions? I'm planning on entering the URSAs through Bears and Buds this month.

Debby - I hope to see you this year in Ann Arbor. I'm planning to be there!

Peng Peng - Thank you! I love working with the eyelids. I have to put them on everything now. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh they are both adorable!!
Love the eyes, they are so expressive.
I would take them both.

Ashlee from TBML